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Our Mission Statement

CrackBoom! Books is devoted to bringing innovative reading experiences to children ages 0 to 12.

Ideal for
early childhood years

Our bold, fun and colorful formats will win over the hearts of young children.

Crackboom Books!

Unique Formats

We offer a great variety of fun and educational books: word books, audiobooks, nightlight books, lift-the-flap books, sticker books and so much more!

Making Learning Fun

Our catalog boasts a large variety of brightly colored and stimulating learning books covering a wide range of topics, from colors to numbers, to shapes, to letters… and the list goes on!

About Us

Launched in 2016, CrackBoom! is a new imprint from Chouette Publishing,a small independent company founded in 1987, and creator of the internationally beloved Caillou.