Alex and the Monsters, Vol. 2: Restaurant Rescue!


Hi! My name is Alex Pianola.


If you’ve read Here comes Mr. Flat! then you and I already know each other. If not, let me warn you: I live in a bedroom full of monsters. Where did they come from? From The Book of Monsters, where they lived before the evil Dr. Brut chased them out. Now, they live here.


Unfortunately, Dr. Brut and his assistant Nabo decided to show up and sink the Nautilus restaurant. Luckily, Chef Roll, the kitchen monster, is here to help us cook up a plan to stop Dr. Brut from having his way. Get ready to embark on an adventure full of twists and turns!


The Alex and the Monsters series is filled with hilarious illustrations and fantastic tales that mix humor, adventure and literature (yes, literature!).